Intercultural Dialogue Among Cultural Operators on the Waves of Danube

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION 'Cultural Operators Budapest Training'

The project titled 'Diversity in Unity: Intercultural Dialogue Through the Waves of Danube' is carried out by 'Consulate General of Hungary - Hungarian Cultural Center in Istanbul' as lead-applicant and 'Turkey Europe Foundation' and 'Kalem Culture Association' as co-applicant under the Grant Scheme for EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue, a program supported by the EU and Republic of Turkey and includes Yunus Emre Institute of Turkey as the main beneficiary. The 'Danube Project' mainly aims at enhancing the intercultural and civil dialogue as well as mutual understanding between Turkey and the EU Members of the Danube Region through the cultural path on the traditional route of cultural exchange along the river Danube by the innovative ways of art and social sciences. The proposed action will foresee to organize a series of artistic, cultural and artistic activities on the basis and the context of the EU. These activities will be improving the basic knowledge of the EU and Turkey among the target groups and final beneficiaries in the countries where the project activities will be held. By the project action, a large and well-archived amount of knowledge of the traditional and contemporary connections will be established and disseminated between the professionals, artist, and operators in the fields of culture, art, and science and the general public of the Danube region and Turkey.

It is expected that this project will enable to promote not only the culture, history, and values of the Danube Regions but through the EU-Member countries of the Region, the culture, history and the values of the EU among the target groups and final beneficiaries of the proposed action.

About the Cultural Operators Trainings
As part of the project actions, a total of 3 capacity building trainings will be organized and held in order to improve the operational as well as the theoretical and informational capacity of the cultural operations in the project countries Hungary, Romania and Turkey successively. It is expected that such trainings will improve the participants' individual and institutional capacity, and furthermore, equip them with competences that enable them to search and find out new opportunities of funding their projects. Moreover, these trainings will also facilitate the communication and cooperation of professionals from cultural background.

The participants will have the opportunity to join a network of operators in the Danube region and will acquire necessary skills and networks for future projects in their field, that could benefit also from bilateral and EU Assistance. The participants of the training will also be attached to Tandem Network, Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network and the wider MitOst Network of civil society actors, that are among the largest and significant cultural & civil network across Europe.

The first training of cultural operators will take place in Budapest/Hungary on December 6-7, 2019.

Venue: Vinikli, Múzeum Krt. 27. Budapest

The trainings will be instructed by Assoc. Prof. Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan of Istanbul Bilgi University.

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Application form including a pre-test can be found here:

Who can apply?
Professionals and operators from cultural industries, artists, and those who are with a cultural background and interested in management of culture.

Deadline for the Application: December 5, 2019